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Hickman Music Editions is dedicated to providing high quality publications at affordable prices. Each work has been carefully written, edited, proofread, and printed. HME is proud to re-issue numerous out-of-print solos as well as provide excellent historical editions of significant repertoire. HME is also committed to publishing new works of the highest quality.

HME would like to thank the following persons for their expertise, hard work, and dedication to excellence:

Jean-Christophe Dobrzelewski
Music Typesetting and Layout

Kendra M. D'Ercole
Music Typesetting

Deater O'Neill
Music Typesetting

Ryan Nielsen
Music Typesetting

Miriam Yutzy
Piano Reductions, Editing, Proofreading

Gail Novak
Piano Reductions, Editing, Proofreading

Amanda Pepping
Text Editing and Proofreading

Details-All Media Design
Graphics and Web Design

Alternative Copy

Eric Baker
Co-designer and Maker of "Sotto Voce" mutes


David Hickman is considered one of the world's pre-eminent trumpet virtuosos and has performed over 2,000 solo appearances around the world as a recitalist or guest soloist with nearly 500 different orchestras. His tours have taken him to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, and virtually every major American city.

"David Hickman, playing as soloist with The American Sinfonietta in the Musikverein, played the trumpet concerto by Hummel. Spectacular was his change from staccato to a songful, soft legato with almost unending arches of phrasing and virtuosic agility of his delivery." Weiner Zeitung (Vienna, Austria)

Hickman has released 15 solo albums encompassing a wide variety of repertoire - from comet solos by Clarke, Levy, and others, to modern concerti by Planel, Baker, and Plog; from baroque works of Bach, Telemann, and Hertel, to recital pieces by Chance, Dello Joio, and Mendez; from contemporary works to fun Christmas medleys.

"David Hickman is an astounding musician. His articulation and phrasing are impeccable. More importantly, the wide affective range he coaxes from his instrument is continuously revelatory." Fanfare

As a noted clinician and author, Hickman has presented workshops on over 300 major university campuses. He has taught (13 summers) at the Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada), Bremen Trumpet Days (Germany), Rafael Mendez Brass Institute (18 summers), and dozens of music festivals. He has published over 40 articles and several important trumpet and music texts including The Piccolo Trumpet, The Piccolo Trumpet Big Book, Trumpet Lessons With David Hickman, Vols. 1-5, and Music Speed Reading, a sight reading method used by hundreds of public school systems and universities or conservatories such as the University of North Texas and The Juilliard School.

David Hickman received his B. M. degree at the University of Colorado in 1972. He continued graduate work at Wichita State University where he was a Graduate Trumpet Teaching Assistant for two years (M. M. - 1974). His primary teachers include Harry McNees, Frank Baird, and Walter Myers. He taught at the University of Illinois from 1974 to 1982 and since has been teaching at Arizona State University where he is a Regents' Professor of Music. He has been a member of the Saint Louis Brass Quintet (11 yrs.), Wichita Brass Quintet (2 yrs.), Illinois Brass Quintet (8 yrs.), Baroque Consort, Summit Brass, and the Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players.

As an orchestral musician, Hickman performed as Principal Trumpet of the National Repertory Orchestra (1971 and 1972), Associate Principal of the Wichita Symphony (1972-1974), Principal of the Brevard Music Center Orchestra (1975), Principal, Tanglewood Fellowship Orchestra (1974), and Principal of the Champaign-Urbana Symphony (1974-1980). He has also performed with the Saint Louis Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra. His principal orchestral teachers include Adolph Herseth, Armando Ghitalla, and Roger Voisin.

Hickman is founder and president of the acclaimed Summit Brass, a large all-star American brass ensemble dubbed by the press as the "Dream Team of Brass." Summit Brass has released 10 CDs, toured the world, and hosted the annual Rafael Mendez Brass Institute which has helped thousands of aspiring brass musicians. He served as president of the International Trumpet Guild from 1977 to 1979 and has presented numerous lectures, clinics, masterclasses, and concerts at major international conventions. His services are sought worldwide as a judge for prestigious solo and chamber music competitions. Mr. Hickman recently received the International Trumpet Guild's prestigious Award of Merit.

"The most difficult task facing any trumpeter is not the production of bright, assertive fanfare, but rather the task of coaxing agile, cantabile lines from the most stentorian of instruments. David Hickman proved himself expert in both capacities." New York Times

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